Air Tours & Photography

At Tennessee Flying Machines we want everyone to be able to experience the gift of flight, not just pilots. That is why we decided to use three of our unique aircraft to take you for a joy ride. Two of these aircraft are vintage warbirds from World War II. On our air tours we will take you over Center Hill Lake, where you can see some of Tennessee’s most beautiful waterfalls. If you live within 25 miles of the Upper Cumberland Region airport (KSRB), we can even fly you over your house! All you have to do is choose which airplane will be your next ride(see aircraft pictured below). This makes the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. BOOK YOUR RIDE TODAY!!!


Flight Training

Learn to fly with us in our Cessna 150. We will take you from zero experience all the way to a commercial pilot! At only $99 per hour plus an instructor fee, we are the cheapest airplane rental for miles around. We also provide a discounted price at only $5,000 if you pay up front, this will save you $500. This package includes 40 hours of flight time (the minimum amount of time needed to obtain you pilot’s license) with 20 of those hours being with an instructor. **For pilots that already hold a private pilot certificate we offer tailwheel endorsements, spin & upset recovery training, basic aerobatics, and warbird dual instruction.

Maintenance and Restoration