TO: Prospective E-PPE Candidates
FROM: E-PPE Qualifications Review Committee
DATE: January 3, 2013
SUBJECT: E-PPE Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Experimental Pilot Proficiency Examiner (EPPE) candidate pool. The purpose of this memorandum is to describe the application requirements when applying to E-PPE candidate pool.

Minimum Qualifications
1. 1500 hours total time as PIC.
2. 500 hours minimum time in the airplane category.
3. 500 hours minimum in turbine aircraft.
4. 250 hours minimum of instruction given in turbine airplane either as a CFI or Military Instructor.
5. 50 hours minimum of PIC time logged in the Experimental Jet in which examinations will take place.
6. Good reputation in the industry and a history of cooperation with the FAA.

Application Requirements
1. Complete the E-PPE application.
2. Current aviation style resume.
3. Copies of front and rear of pilot, flight instructor and medical certificates.
4. A single letter of recommendation from an individual in the industry. Letters of recommendations from current EAE will not be accepted.
5. Sign Statement of Understanding.
6. Sign Pilot Bill of Rights Statement.

Once complete with the application requirements please print and sign required forms then email to eppecandidatepool@gmail.com.

Thank you for applying,
E-PPE Review Committee.