We’re all disappointed with the cancellation of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2020, as it means so many different things for everyone who attends. For thousands of aviators, flying to Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH) is a highlight in the logbook.

As AirVenture 2020 is not taking place, Wittman Regional Airport will operate normally as a public-use airport with contract tower services. For those considering flying to Oshkosh in late July, it’s important to manage expectations about what is permissible:

Aircraft parking for itinerant traffic is available on the terminal/Basler FBO ramp. No permit has been obtained for aircraft parking or camping on any turf areas of the airfield, and therefore it is not permitted. Those with business at year-round companies on the airport should check with those businesses for parking availability.

No buildings or facilities on the EAA AirVenture grounds will be open. Those attempting to access the EAA AirVenture grounds or camp at EAA and/or Warbirds will be asked to leave.

The Warbird/Homebuilt camping areas near P-1 taxiway will not be open. Papa 2 taxiway (Boeing Plaza) will not be accessible.

There will be no access to EAA or Warbirds facilities from the airport. EAA did not obtain a Wisconsin temporary campground permit for Camp Scholler or the Warbirds Campground in 2020, so it is illegal to accept or allow campers there this year. The EAA Aviation Museum remains closed to the public through August 2nd.  It will reopen, with restrictions, on August 3, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

Access gates to the EAA grounds, including Warbirds, are closed and security is in place.  Volunteer work parties are on hold until further notice.

For those who still want to fly to Oshkosh during AirVenture week, we encourage you to park at the terminal/Basler FBO ramp, stay at one of our local hotels, and enjoy some of Oshkosh’s hospitality. Please coordinate with Basler Flight Service to arrange any ground handling needs.

You can also be part of the “virtual” AirVenture at:  https://www.eaatogether.org/