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        With the retirement of many of the veteran FAA Inspectors and FAA Designated Examiners came a dilemma - how to ensure that those pilots and flight engineers needing type ratings in the rare, historic aircraft and Warbirds, would be able to continue to get checked-out.

        Working in conjunction with the FAA, the EAA Government and Industry Relations Department and the Warbirds of America, established the National Designated Pilot Examiner (NDPER) and the National Designated Flight Engineer Examiner (NDFEER) Registry program. Under this program, select FAA Designated Pilot Examiners and Flight Engineer Examiners, all with a wide range of experience in these vintage aircraft, were authorized by the FAA to provide check rides on a national basis.

        As a "National Resource", these highly experienced FAA Designated Examiners have their activities coordinated by a single FAA Manager. The administrative support functions of these examiners are managed by EAA.

        To schedule either a NDPER or NDFEER for a flight evaluation in one of the aircraft listed below, contact a NDPER/NDFEER examiner, whose name and phone number can be found on the below roster.

      Name Phone Email Groups Authorized PPE FEE
      BLAUGHER,  WILLIAM S 954-240-9008 blaugher@bellsouth.net C,E,F,G,H,J Recip.
      CLARK, WILLIAM MARK  734-730-4350 WilliamMClark@cs.com B,C,D,E,F,H,J
      DAVIS, ROBERT V. 815-341-0567 bdavis74@charter.net B,C,D,E,F,H,J
      DAWSON, JAMIE STEWART  214-384-3773 stewartdawson105@gmail.com A,B,C,D,E,F,H,J
      ELLIOTT, SEAN (920) 426-6537 SELLIOTT@EAA.ORG B-17
      FINNEGAN, EDWARD C. 847-226-0777 ed@finneganaviationservices.com G-TBM B-25
      GILMORE, RUSSELL DAVID 602-312-9690 russgilmor@aol.com B,D,E,G
      GREGORY, THOMAS EARL, III  281-467-9308 fortflier@aol.com B,D,E,G
      HENLEY, MARK L. 205-601-5215 aeroshell2@bellsouth.net B-17, B-25
      JOBST, VERNE 815-861-1300 Nx211@att.net A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J
      MACALUSO, HUDSON DAVE 770-328-1149 talonaviation@icloud.com G-111
      MCNEIL, ZACHARY 619-227-3327 Z@warbirdseast.com S-70
      NUWER, PAUL EDWARD 443-521-3056 pen82@verizon.net NB-25 B-25
      PATTERSON, CLARE (920) 236-7820 cpattersonatp@gmail.com DC-3TP
      REBHOLZ, MARK ANDREW 520-839-3757 mrebholz@internationalairresponse.com L-382 L-382
      SALZ, LESTER STEVEN  702-677-2211 les137@msn.com D,E,J
      STEENBOCK, ROBERT ALLAN  956-371-6730 rsteenbock@gmail.com C,D,E,H,J
      STOLTZFUS, BRIAN LYNN 330-698-4604 brian@preferredairparts.com DC3, DC3S, DC3/C47 STCTP
      TILGHMAN, CHARLES RAY  903-815-6386 elsupremo@myrhinomail.com B,C,D,E,G,J


      EAA Representatives

      EAA Program Manager
      Verne Jobst

      815-385-7277 Home
      815-861-1300 Cell


      EAA Program Administrator
      Bill Fischer

      Executive Director
      EAA Warbirds of America
      PO Box 3086
      Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086
      Phone: 800-236-4800, ext.4874
      FAX: 920-426-6579


        FAA Vintage and Experimental Aircraft Program Qualified Vintage Airplane Groups

      Group A Single Engine

      Group B

      More than 2 Engine Tailwheel

      Group C

      More than 2 engine Tricycle Gear

      Group D

      2 engine Tailwheel

      Group E

      2 engine Tricycle Gear

      Group F


      Group G

      More than 2 engine Turbo Propeller

      Group H

      2 engine Turbo Propeller

      Group J
















      CV-240 /340/440

      G-111 (Includes SA-16)

      L-188 (Includes P-3)







      CV-PBY (Land Only)












      F-27, FH-227








      DHC-4T (Turbo Propeller)



      Lockheed Constellation (All Variations)








      FA-119/ C-119


      G-S2T (Turbo Propeller)
















      G-111 (Includes SA-16) (Land Only)




      G-73 (Land Only)


















      IA-1125, G-100




      MU-300, BE-400






        National Designated Pilot Examiner Registry (NDPER)
        National Designated Flight Engineer Examiner Registry (NDFEER)

        Application Review Process
        I. Minimum qualifications for EAA acceptance of applications

        Meet the requirements as set forth in the EAA/FAA Letter of Agreement (LOA) dated 4/15/97, current amendments to the LOA, and FAA Order 8710.3C, Chapter 3.

        These items include these minimum requirements:

        Hold a current FAA certificate of authority as a DPE (required);

        Be a FAA PPE/DPE for at least 1 year (goal – demonstrated ability to evaluate);

        Valid 3rd Class FAA medical;

        Hold at least two type ratings in vintage aircraft, as listed in the NDPER/NDFEER qualified vintage airplane groups;

        Proven background involving the operation of vintage aircraft;

        Hold a current EAA membership; and

        Must be willing to travel.

        C. Questions concerning this program – Phone: 920.426.4874.

        II. Applications to EAA must include the following items:

        A. Copy of current FAA pilot / CFI / A&P / IA / PPE / DPE / etc. certificates and ratings;

        B. Copy of current vintage aircraft LOA’s;

        C. Copy of last FAA DPE renewal certificate;

        D. Copy of current FAA medical certificate;

        E. Copy of current EAA membership card;

        F. Career resume to include summary of flight experience; and

        G. Completed NDPER/NDFEER Aircraft Grouping worksheet.

        III. Annual NDPER/NDFEER meetings are held in January – completed applications need to reach EAA by October 1st to be considered for the next annual meeting. Mail completed applications to:

        EAA Warbirds of America
        Attn: NDPER/NDFEER Program Administrator
        P.O. Box 3086
        Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086

        IV. Upon receipt of the application, copies will be mailed to the NDPER Chief Pilot, the FAA Program Manager and the EAA Program Manager. Within 30 days of the mailing, a teleconference will be held between these individuals and the EAA Program Administrator to discuss the pro’s & con’s of the application. Key considerations will be: time as qualified PPE / DPE (1 full year), type ratings (minimum of 1 per group / 2 groups), flight hours / experience within group(s) candidate would work in and national/regional FAA/EAA NDPER/NDFEER program needs.

        “Pro” teleconference decision –

        The NDPER/NDFEER application will be mailed to all current NDPER’s and NDFEER’s. They will provide feedback directly to the EAA Program Manager within 30 days.

        Two NDPER’s (or NDFEER’s) will be assigned and contacted by the NDPER Chief Pilot to call (interview) the applicant to personally discuss his/her application. The interview will be completed within 30 days of notification. The interview will include:

        a. A discussion of the aircraft group(s) he/she would be assigned to determine the applicants ability to perform assigned duties within the group(s), and

        b. A discussion of technical & aircraft systems knowledge for the aircraft within the group the NDPER rating is sought.

        The two NDPER’s (or NDFEER’s) will then call the EAA Program Manager with the results of the interview. The EAA Program Manager will then inform the FAA Program Manager, the NDPER Chief Pilot and the EAA Program Administrator of the decision to invite or not invite to the next annual NDPER/ NDFEER meeting. If the decision is to invite – The EAA Program Manager will then extend an invitation to the applicant to attend the next scheduled annual NDPER/NDFEER meeting.

        The applicant will be informed that attendance at the annual meeting is a mandatory requirement to be accepted into the program.

        Travel for all NDPER’s/NDFEER’s/candidates to the annual meeting is at their own personal expense.

        B. “Con” teleconference decision – At the conclusion of the teleconference, the EAA Program Manager will inform the applicant, that he/she will not be invited to the annual meeting. The application will be brought to the next annual meeting for all current NDPER’s/NDFEER’s to review and to provide the EAA Program Manager information for a letter to the applicant informing him/her what they need to do in order to re-apply for the program.

        V. First Annual NDPER/NDFEER Meeting:

        A. After meeting and talking with the NDPER/NDFEER candidate, the current NDPER/NDFEER’s will conduct a closed-door vote to accept or not accept the applicant. After the vote, the EAA Program Manager will inform the applicant of the group decision.

        B. If “elected” to join the group, the applicant will be informed they are on a one (1) year probation. This allows both the applicant to observe the program and the current NDPER’s/NDFEER’s to observe the applicant.

        C. The EAA Program Administrator will then prepare a request to the FAA Program Manager to publish the required NDPER or NDFEER FAA LOA. A copy of the request will be forwarded to the applicant.

        D. At the next annual meeting another closed-door vote will take place where it will be decided to either accept the applicant to permanent NDPER/ NDFEER status or to terminate the applicant from the program.

        In order to meet annual FAA NDPER/NDFEER LOA training requirements, attendance at the annual meeting is mandatory. NDPER’s/NDFEER’s not able to attend the annual meeting will be placed on a one year “suspension,” and not be allowed to perform NDPER/NDFEER duties. This action does not affect their DPE or DFEE status.

        All NDPER’s and NDFEER’s are required to complete an activity report card for each flight examination given and mail the card(s) to EAA, at the above address. Or use the electronic activity reporting card at: http://www.warbirds-eaa.org/programs/examiner.html

        VIII. Annual NDPER/NDFEER renewal requirements – provide EAA with:

        A. Copy of current FAA medical certificate;

        B. Copy of current FAA DPE training certificate (completed by local FSDO manager);

        C. Attend annual NDPER/NDFEER meeting;

        D. Renewal is not based on NDPER/NDFEER activity;

        E. NDPER – meet FAR 61.56, 61.57 and have a current 61.58 check in at least one vintage aircraft for renewal of all vintage airplanes authorized;

        F. NDFEER – valid FAA FE certificate and current per FAR 91.529; and

        G. Completion of annual practical test, observed by the FAA, within 90 days prior to the expiration date of the NDPER/NDFEER designation.

        EAA will forward the above information to the FAA for renewal of the NDPER or NDFEER designation.

        Travel for all NDPER’s/NDFEER’s/candidates to the annual meeting is at their own personal expense.

        FAA Vintage and Experimental Aircraft Program Application Aircraft Grouping Form



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