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    Membership in the EAA Warbirds of America is open to anyone with an interest in ex-military aircraft. The only requirement is that you also maintain membership in the Experimental Aircraft Association.

    Annual membership for the Warbirds division is $45 annually ($52 for non U.S. and Canadian members.), which includes eight issues of Warbirds Magazine and four issues of the Warbirds Newsletter.

    Dedicated to preserving military aircraft of all eras, Warbirds is published eight times each year and is avidly read by one of the highest income demographic segments in the general aviation marketplace. Appearing in February, March, April, June, July, September, October, and December,  Warbirds covers all the activities and adventures of this active group of aviators.

    EAA membership is $40 annually ($47 for non U.S. and Canadian members). Sport Aviation magazine is included with a membership.

    Rallying around the cry of "Keep 'em Flying," Warbirds represents the members of Warbirds of America, an EAA division. They are a special interest group of aviators who devote time and money to preserve airplanes impossible to replace, and fly them to keep history alive. This small but targeted group of recreation aviators represents a small but exclusive market that includes aviation equipment expenditures far above the average.



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