Warbirds of America is the largest division of the EAA with over 6000 members from across the country and around the world. The Air Venture and Sun ‘n Fun airshows are the largest events for the members, but work goes on behind the scenes all year. Operation of the organization is in the hands of the Board of Directors assisted by a number of committees covering specific areas.  Board and committee membership takes time and effort. Do you have some fresh ideas and want to help?

There are two types of directors-

CLASS 1- regular Director, maximum of 21. Staggered three-year term, elected by members of the organization.

CLASS 2- nonvoting appointed by the President for a term of one year

Board members must be a member of EAA and Warbirds of America.
Members are required to attend 50% of yearly meetings- Oshkosh, Fall EAA meetings, NWOC and Sun ‘n Fun (unofficial meeting), all meetings have the option of video conference but in person is preferred to the maximum extent possible. The general qualifications include-

  1. Good communicator, both in writing and speaking.
  2. Successful in business or other career endeavor.
  3. Possesses a skill or quality that enriches the Warbird board (such as, but not limited to, entrepreneur, professional, commercial aviator, political and/or governmental contacts).
  4. Displays leadership in WOA, civic, social, or other organizations.
  5. It would be helpful to be an aviator, particularly in Warbird aircraft- but not mandatory
  6. Ability to contribute time to attend Warbird director meetings, 50% required
  7. Participate in Warbird committee work and attend Sun ‘n Fun, Air Venture or other event venues.


If you think you would like to contribute to the future of Warbirds of America. Let the search committee know what skills you feel would benefit the organization. Please submit a resume to include the following.

  • Education and professional background, as appropriate:
  • Aviation background:
    • Ratings, Experience and Type certifications, etc.- helpful but not mandatory
  • Current and previous Warbirds service history:
    • Warbird committee memberships:
    • Aviation event venue service history/volunteering history (Oshkosh, SNF, others):
    • Warbirds service accomplishments or awards:
  • Aviation, civic, social, or philanthropic organization memberships:



Please provide a short statement answering the following questions.

I would like to join the Warbirds Board because I Can…… (tell us what you can bring to the organization) 200-word limit)


 As a Warbird Board member, I would like to achieve or accomplish …. (200 word limit)


Please provide a letter of recommendation from a current Board member: (to include recommendation by sponsor)

If you are not quite ready to commit to being a board member then consider volunteering for one of the Warbird committees. This could be a good introduction to serving the organization. Committees include-

Member Services, Government Affairs, Youth Center/Sim Building, Squadrons, Marketing, Planning, Oshkosh Site, Social media, Merchandise, Sun ‘n Fun, Nominating and Hall of Fame, Air Venture, Air Show, Finance, Editorial, Donor Relations, Safety and A.C.E.

Please contact mark@courtesyaircraft.com (815-262-7559) with your interest or any questions about becoming a member of the board or to volunteer for a committee.

Thank you for your interest in the future of Warbirds of America.

“Keep em Flying”

Mark Clark- Chairman of the Warbird Search Committee

Warbird 188 (Lifetime) EAA 42114 (Lifetime)