Rossy and the Jets

    Jetman flies formation with L-39 Albatroses

    November 28, 2011 – Chalk up another first for Yves Rossy, better known as Jetman. Last week, Rossy, who wears a jet-powered carbon fiber wing and flies like a bird, flew in formation with two L-39C Albatros planes from the Breitling Jet Team over the Swiss Alps. Jetman’s previous firsts include flying over the English Channel, flying formation with the Breitling Wingwalkers aboard a pair of Stearman biplanes, flying lop-de-loops around a hot air balloon, and most recently, soaring over the Grand Canyon.

    According to Breitling’s report, Rossy rode a helicopter to altitude in Switzerland, jumped off, ignited the four jet engines, then joined up with the two L-39s for several minutes of formation flying. He controls his trajectory and altitude through body movements until, when ready to land, he parachutes safely to the ground.

    EAA Sport Aviation ran a cover story on Rossy in the March 2011 issue. Read it here.

    Yves Rossy forms up with the Breitling jet team in another Jetman first.

    Click here: Rossi and the Jets Video

    Yves “Jetman” Rossy strikes his familiar pose. Photos by Alain Ernoult.



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