Warbirds Launch QR Codes for Aircraft Information

    17 QR code

    EAA's QR code for the EAA B-17.

    Look for stickers like this by the aircraft as you walk through the Warbirds area at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year.

    EAA Warbirds of America is implementing the use of QR codes to provide an easy and effective way for attendees to quickly get more information about display aircraft with their smartphones.
    The new QR codes will be seen on warbirds displayed on or near the aircraft, each code specific to an individual warbird. Simply scan the code with your smartphone and you'll be taken to a website that includes its history, specifications, images, and additional links.

    If you are new to QR codes, you will need a couple of things to use the system. First, you must have a smartphone. Second, you must have an app that can read QR codes. Many of the new smartphones have QR scanners built right in. If not, you can download one of many apps available, such as Red Laser, on any smartphone. The EAA Warbirds of America system has been tested with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and the new Windows smartphones.

    Once you have things working, you will be able to not only scan the Warbirds QR codes but also any other QR code that you may see. They are becoming more prevalent and are very useful.

    Click this link for a video on the Warbirds QR Code: http://www.airventure.org/news/2012/120628_qrcode.html



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