Experimental Exhibition Recommendations Advanced at EAA/WOA Conference

    March 22, 2007 - A substantial list of recommended changes and improvements to FAA Order 8130.2F resulted from a two-day meeting hosted by EAA and the EAA Warbirds of America (WOA) this week at the EAA Air Academy Lodge in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Several FAA and industry representatives were present to provide input on updating the order, which deals with certification and operation limitations of experimental exhibition and air racing aircraft. The hope is that senior FAA officials are receptive to the suggested changes and several onerous barriers to owning and operating these types of aircraft can be removed.

    Participants went through the regulations, line-by-line, with a focus on updating the language and effectively bringing it up to date from when 8130.2F was initially put in place (1993).

    WOA Executive Director Bill Fischer called it "a great meeting" that yielded some potential fixes. "FAA Order 8130.2F was due for an update, and this meeting proved to be a positive first step in this improvement process. EAA's industry leadership in hosting/facilitating the joint meeting continues to show the positive impact EAA and WOA have with both the FAA and other experimental exhibition aircraft industry partners, and our members."

    One of the most sought-after changes in the warbird community is to eliminate the 300- and 600-nm proficiency limitations on piston and jet warbirds, respectively. Safety experience has shown that these limitations are no longer needed, and removing them would allow pilots to become even more proficient by training in more varied flight conditions.

    Another suggestion was to remove the redundant paperwork requirement when a warbird owner sells or transfers an aircraft to a new area.

    "I would like to thank the staff at EAA for coordinating the meeting of key industry organizations, EAA officials, and FAA policy divisions," said FAA's Jackie Black. "Having this opportunity to discuss industry and FAA concerns and recommendations is invaluable. The meeting was very professional and I believe, without exception, each participant came away with a better understanding of the issues, and with recommendations for possible solutions."

    CAF's Eric Van Hoff added, "With all our experience gained over the last 14 years, our suggestions to update the current rules and regulations just make good sense." Van Hoff especially noted that removing the geographical limitations for Phase 2 and Group 2 operations would be beneficial for CAF.

    "The process has been great, and we're glad to be included," he said.

    Dick Bacon, a WOA member representing CJAA, said he was pleased to be invited to join the process. "It's incredibly open and honest, and will make an enormous difference in the way people can operate these aircraft," he said.

    Representing the FAA were Ray Stinchcomb, AFS-800 (General Aviation and Commercial Division); Steve Mulsow, AIR-200 (Production and Airworthiness); and Jackie Black, AFS-300 (Aircraft Maintenance).

    Joining Van Hoff from the industry side were Mark Clark, EAA WOA and Courtesy Aircraft; Rick, Siegfried, EAA WOA; Ray Dieckman, EAA WOA; Dick Bacon, Classic Jet Aircraft Association (CJAA); Kay Eckardt, CJAA; Warren Wood, EAA WOA & CJAA; and Charles Largay, CJAA

    EAA attendees joining Fischer were Paul Poberezny, EAA founder and chairman; Earl Lawrence, vice president of industry and regulatory affairs; Doug Macnair, vice president of government relations; and meeting facilitator Randy Hansen, director of government relations.

    Attendees at this week's FAA/EAA/Industry meeting in Oshkosh were:
    (l to r) Rick Siegfried, Randy Hansen, Kay Eckardt, Ray Dieckman, Warren Wood, Eric Van Hoff, Earl Lawrence, Charles Largay, Bill Fischer, Jackie Black, Richard Bacon, Steve Mulsow, and Ray Stinchcomb.



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