EAA Succeeds in Getting Flight Restrictions Lifted in LA Basin

    EAA’s persistent advocacy on behalf of experimental exhibition aircraft has led the FAA to rescind existing FAA Western Pacific Region policy letters that had prevented some aircraft from operating at airports within the Los Angeles basin. Doug Dalbey, FAA Western Region flight standards manager, officially rescinded the existing policy letters with a memorandum dated September 8, 2006.

    Dalbey wrote, “Effective immediately, the memorandum entitled “FSDO Coordination Requirements Prior to Issuing Authorization for an Experimental Exhibition Category Aircraft,” dated June 13, 2003, and any airport limitations or restrictions on EE aircraft developed by field offices based on that memorandum, are rescinded.”

    Those policy letters prevented experimental exhibition aircraft, such as warbirds, from operating to specific airports when they fly or base their aircraft at airports in the LA basin. Some aircraft owners have even been told that they cannot fly over densely populated areas at any time, including landing or taking off at these airports, even though aircraft operating limitations and airworthiness certificates allow them to land and take off over densely populated areas.

    EAA is continuing to work with FAA HQ as part of a review and revision of experimental exhibition certification policies. In the mean time, local FSDOs are being instructed to issue the same special operating limitations to any new operator as those held by current operators.

    “This is another continuing step to assist all members flying experimental aircraft,” said EAA Government Relations Director Randy Hansen. “We are continuing to work with FAA headquarters to determine when FAA Flight Standard District Offices (FSDOs) are required to rescind, then reissue the operating limitations of experimental exhibition aircraft when they are sold or simply move to a new base of operations.”

    This action comes as a result of EAA’s frequent and continual discussions with FAA officials at FAA headquarters and at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and the EAA-FAA Aviation Summit meeting in Oshkosh.



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