FAA Issues Emergency AD on T-6/SNJ

    As expected, the FAA issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive late Wednesday mandating all T6/SNJ aircraft undergo immediate and repetitive inspections of the inboard and outboard, upper and lower wing attach angles of both wings for fatigue cracks and, if a crack is found, replacement with a new angle. EAA is disappointed, however, that the FAA chose to call for repetitive inspections requiring the use of fluorescent dye penetrant rather than its recommendation to use a modified version of the South African inspection to collect additional data. The Emergency AD affects the following models: AT-6 (SNJ-2), AT-6A (SNJ-3), AT-6B, AT-6C (SNJ-4), AT-6D (SNJ-5), AT-6F (SNJ-6), BC-1A, Harvard (Army AT-16), SNJ-7, and T-6G airplanes, all serial numbers, that are certificated in any category.



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