Fantasy Flight Camps
    Our Fantasy Flight Camp experiences involve an exciting weekend at the EAA Aviation Center in Oshkosh. Each of our camps is expert-led and involves a detailed study of a specialty subject. Every effort is made to make this a true "fantasy" experience for the aviation enthusiast—including privileged access to various EAA facilities and specialists. All fees include room and board, ground schools, instructional materials and most important of all, an incredible "once in a lifetime" flight experience!

    Ultimate Military Trainer

    Air Academy Lodge Accommodations

    Comments from former participants:
    “Extremely professional and presentations both informative and humorous. Overall an excellent course, a very rewarding lifetime experience.”

    “The course was very interesting, even to one who has been in the center of the aircraft engineering field since the time that the engines used in this case were in production.”

    “Extremely pleased, great experience, very good handouts, helpful people.” “It was better than I thought it would be. The instructors were especially good and cooperative. The staff, food and lodging were first class.”

    "Food was excellent . . . I really enjoyed the museum tour."

    "Very, very well done. Gives blend of history, operation and introduction to ground school."

    Ultimate Military Trainer

    September 9-11, 2011

    You will not want to miss this chance of a lifetime in experiencing an unforgettable flight in two incredible aircraft from EAA's own collection of military AAC trainers. The Consolidated PT-3 and the North American T-6 are both legends of both primary and advanced military training. You will receive in depth history and ground schools on what is perhaps the most unique period of military trainer history - the 1930s. Participants will have the rare opportunity to actually fly the only remaining airworthy Consolidated PT-3, nicknamed "Trusty". In addition, you will take a second flight in the famed "pilot maker" the North American T-6. All flights include a pre-flight briefing on the aircraft and its controls. EAA’s own pilots and instructors will perform the take-off then demonstrate in the air how the controls work- then it is your turn! The grace of the PT-3 and the speed and power of the T6 will give you a truly memorable flight experience that can only be experienced here at EAA. “This is the ultimate interactive experience”.

    $1,000.00 – EAA Member
    $1,100.00 – Non-EAA Member

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