Aircraft Damaged at Sun ‘n Fun
    March 31, 2011
    - We know that many of you are concerned for your friends and family members who may have flown their aircraft to Sun ‘n Fun; we share your concern for the hardships they may be going through as the staff, volunteers and members at Sun ‘n Fun work to recover from the damage inflicted by the storm. Based on a review of photos from a variety of sources, including a slideshow posted by EAA Multimedia reporter Brady Lane, we can share this list of damaged aircraft with you. It is by no means complete, but it does represent a significant number of the aircraft damaged by Thursday’s severe thunderstorm.

    Name/Description - N-number
    Helio Courier - 60JA
    Aviat Husky - 43WY
    Cessna 208 Caravan - 171CC
    Zenith CH-701 - 71ZA
    AirCam - 912LA
    AirCam - 612WF
    Zenith CH-801 - 801PP
    American Champion 7GCBC - 54BY
    RV-6A - 155ED
    RV-3B - 12XR
    Maule MX-7-180B - 11ZV
    Eclipse EA500 - 94GA
    Acey Duecy P-70 - 426AM
    971BP Big Piet - 971BP
    974BP Big Piet - 974BP
    840LM Big Piet - 840LM
    Lightplane - XB-ALE
    Zenith CH-750 - 750ZZ

    No N-number visible:

    2 Thorp T-18 homebuilts
    Cub lightplane
    Black and Purple lightplane (UL area)
    White with Red Trim lightplane (UL area)
    High-wing Yellow Husky or Super Cub pushed into White RV
    Yellow and Black “Kitfox” (?)
    Camo Nanchang in Chinese markings
    Blue T-6 in ditch
    Grey Cessna L-19 in ditch - Markings too small



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