FAA Memo Causes Concern in Warbird Community

    Experimental Exhibition Aircraft Targeted

    EAA Warbirds of America headquarters is responding to a memo coming out of the Reno, NV Flight Services District Office (FSDO), directing its inspectors to perform a ramp and aircraft records inspection of all experimental exhibition aircraft that are home based in the Reno FSDO area. EAA and Warbirds of America staff members are working this issue, which we view as a very serious matter. At this point, we are in the investigation phase.

    Here is a quick synopsis:

    1. We are aware of the issue.
    2. We are in contact with both local and HQ FAA personnel in regard to this issue.
    3. FAA headquarters has agreed to respond back to EAA within the next week.
    4. EAA does not believe this a responsible activity for the FAA to be conducting, particularly in the manner they have started.
    5. EAA Warbirds of America encourages our members to review, if applicable, their experimental exhibition airworthiness certificate, program letter, and operating limitations. For more information, members can also review FAA Order 8130.2f, Section 10.

    EAA and it’s Warbirds of America division strongly support our members privileges to safely operate former military aircraft, including those certificated in the experimental exhibition category. We will report the results of our advocacy efforts in future website news stories, in our e-newsletter, Briefing, and in Warbirds magazine.

    If you are contacted by a FSDO, asking for your aircraft documents as listed above, please contact EAA Warbirds of America at: warbirds@eaa.org . We would like to collect data in order to determine the scope of the issue. We recommend that you wait until after the holiday season to respond to the FSDO memo. By then, we should have further clarification from FAA headquarters.



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