Foreign Aircraft Arriving and Departing Wittman Regional Airport (OSH) for AirVenture 2009

    June 30, 2009 - If you will be flying into the U.S. to attend AirVenture 2009 NOW is the time to start your planning.  EAA encourages you be prepare your border crossing documents ahead of time to ensure you are not delayed in your flight to the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.  These are the steps you will need to follow:

    The first thing you must do is select the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) airport port of entry that you will be using as your first point of landing here in the United States.  CBP airport port of entries are found at this CBP web site -

    NOTE:  Remember that the Wittman Regional airport here in Oshkosh IS NOT a CBP airport port of entry and your entry into the United States will not be facilitated at AirVenture.

    Have or obtain a CBP user fee decal for 2009. This can be ordered at CBP.Gov You must have a decal or proof of ordering a decal at your first point of landing (CBP airport port of entry) in the United States.

    Have or obtain a CBP form 178 prior to arrival.  EAA and CBP recommend you fill out this form prior to arrival at your CBP airport port of entry.

    At least 30 days before your flight, enroll in:

    The CBP "Private Aircraft APIS" system and obtain your sender ID and password (required for all flights crossing the border)

    The TSA International Waiver system and obtain your username and password – if required

    This EAA web site contains information and the web links on both systems as well as a handy reference kneeboard you can print and use during your flight -

    Note 1: The CBP Private Aircraft APIS system is sometimes referred to as “eAPIS.” “eAPIS is actually the web portal/site you use to submit your required Private Aircraft APIS information.

    Note 2: For both the CBP APIS and the TSA Waiver systems you will receive enrollment confirmation via the e-mail address you provided. You should receive your enrollment verification between 5 minutes and 24 hours after you submitted the information. If you do not receive it the FIRST troubleshooting you should do is to check your e-mail spam folder, as the e-mail is more than likely in there.

    If you are required to apply for a TSA International Waiver fill out the on-line application form at least THREE WEEKS prior to your planned departure.  TSA is still indicating that it would take up to 10 days to approve your waiver request.

     The CBP "Private Aircraft APIS” border crossing information is required to be submitted at least 60 minutes before the planned departure.  EAA recommends that this information be submitted at least 3 hours prior to departure to ensure CBP approval prior to your scheduled departure time. 

    NOTE: EAA recommends you file your return flight APIS information at the same time you file your flight to Oshkosh. We realize that flight times and routes may change during the week you are visiting AirVenture, but once your returns plans are finalized visit the CBP experts in the Federal Pavilion (daily 9 am – 5 pm) to update your return information.

    EAA recommends that one of the last things you do prior to departing on the flight leg that you’ll be entering the U.S. on is to call your selected CBP airport port of entry just to let them know you are coming and to confirm you have met all the entry requirements.  CBP has tried to make the "Private Aircraft APIS” electronic system as seamless and painless as possible, and they are constantly tweaking the "Private Aircraft APIS” system to improve it.  

    That should complete the arrival into the U.S. requirements so sit back and enjoy your flight.

    Once you arrive at AirVenture, EAA strongly encourages you to visit the Federal Pavilion (located between the EAA Sky Shoppe and Homebuilders Headquarters) and visit the CBP “Private Aircraft APIS” booth – the sign over the booth says “CBP eAPIS.”  The CBP “Private Aircraft APIS” experts are eager to hear about your experiences with the “Private Aircraft APIS” system and your suggestions to improve that program.  The CBP experts are there to provide any additional or initial “Private Aircraft APIS” tutorial training you may desire and more importantly, they are there to help you file your CBP “Private Aircraft APIS” documents for your return flight.   The Federal Pavilion is open every day of AirVenture from 9 am until 5 pm.

    CBP has made several improvements to the eAPIS web portal/site. You can now access it using any portable device that has web access, including Blackberry, iPhone, Palm Treo, smartphone, etc. You can also use (for a fee) one of the CBP approved APIS service providers to file your arrival and departure information -

    EAA realizes that the CBP and TSA both are agencies of the Department of Homeland Security, and that these two border crossing security systems require the same exact information. EAA has therefore contacted CBP and TSA and requested that these two redundant systems be streamlined into one system, preferably managed by CBP.



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