Newly Organized Group, Stearman Flight, to Offer Boeing Stearman Formation Training
    March 25, 2009
    – Stearman Flight, a newly formed formation flight training organization, is dedicated to enhancing safety and proficiency in the Stearman formation flying community. The new organization is fully compliant with the Formation and Safety Team (FAST) National Formation Standards and is sanctioned to offer formation training and conduct check rides for FAA licensed pilots. Pilots who successfully complete the Stearman Flight training program will receive a “FAST” card and be authorized by the FAA to fly formation in waivered air space (airspace normally closed to other pilots, such as at air shows). To that end, Stearman Flight intends to conduct Formation Training Clinics from time to time in different cities across the U.S.

    Pilots who want to experience a new dimension in flying will find that formation flying is among the most challenging and enjoyable types of flying there is. The goal of a Stearman Formation Clinic is to develop the pilot’s formation flying skill and proficiency while he or she flies with an experienced formation instructor. At the same time the pilot will experience camaraderie in a fun social environment. Anyone interested in becoming involved is encouraged to attend the inaugural Stearman Flight event to be held May 28-31, 2009 at Creve Coeur Airport (1HO) in Saint Louis, Missouri.

    The experience of a Stearman Formation Flight Clinic, including the social aspects of pilots gathering from around the country to share this endeavor, will be of great interest to pilots and aviation buffs alike. These clinics are run in a professional manner by dedicated volunteers and involve not only some great flying, but a unique esprit de corps not often found in General Aviation. These WW II vintage Stearman biplanes always draw crowds to the airport, especially when they arrive in significant numbers and make several formation flights per day.

    Creve Coeur Airport, the location of the new group’s first clinic, is located in the western suburbs of Saint Louis. It is one of the more interesting airports in the U.S. The airport itself is an aviation destination as it is home to an impressive collection of vintage and historic aircraft, including an excellent aircraft museum on the field. All who come will find the experience enjoyable. Aviation publication editors and authors will find the visit to be great story material for their readers, and are most welcome to attend.

    Stearman Flight
    is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Iowa.

    Rod Hightower
    Stearman Flight
    Communications Officer
    SRA 2131
    CAF 33614
    930 Delvin Drive
    Saint Louis, MO 63141
    Phone (314) 302 8174



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