Important Information For Warbird Air Show Pilot Participants
    Fuel and smoke oil will be provided for flying in the daily air shows; however, be sure that you possess at least a commercial airman’s certificate with a current 2nd class medical. Acceptance of fuel or smoke oil without those certificates could lead to FAA enforcement. If you do not have these certificates, you may still fly in the air shows, but you may not be reimbursed for your fuel or smoke oil.

    Also, in order to fly in any of the daily shows, participants are asked to provide copies of the following documents:

      • Current pilot certificate

      • Current medical certificate

      • Copy of insurance certificate, which states inclusion of fly-by coverage

      • Date of last BFR

    These document copies may be filed at Warbird Registration, or you may forward them in advance to: EAA Warbirds of America, Warbird Pilot Documents, PO Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086; fax 920/426/6579; e-mail

    In order to fly in the daily air shows, participants are required to attend the Warbird forum entitled "Flying at Oshkosh for the First Time" if they have never flown here before. This forum may also be a good refresher for veteran Oshkosh pilots.

    To fly in formation, we also require pilots to be formation qualified through the FAST program or the Joint Liaison Formation program. Note that not all aircraft types will fly formation.

    Having met these requirements, a pilot needs to attend the briefing, held in the Warbird Briefing Building, on the day(s) he/she wishes to participate. There are time limits and possibly specific themes for each day, so not all aircraft and types may fly every day. During the briefing, pilots will be instructed as to the numbers of specific aircraft types required for that day, flight patterns, etc.

    All air show briefings are held in the Warbirds Briefing Building (large building with the porch). The schedule of briefings will be posted outside the Warbird Headquarters, Registration, and Briefing Buildings.



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