2006 AirVenture Award Winners

    Grand Champion Post WWII

    Randy Maiville, Onondaga, MI. Cessna O-1 “Birddog” (N16886)
    Gold Wrench Award: Jim’s Aviation, Charlotte, MI
    Gold Wrench Award: Randy Maiville. Onondaga, MI

    Grand Champion WWII

    Ron Fagen, Granite Falls, MN. Curtiss P-40K “ (N401WH)
    Gold Wrench Award: Ken Hake, Tipton, KS

    Gold Wrench Award: Warhawks, Inc., Granite Falls, MN

    Reserve Grand Champion WWII

    North American Aviation, Inc./ Daniel Baun, Poland, OH.

    North American P-51D “Mustang”, (NL74469)
    Gold Wrench Award: Midwest Aero Restoration, Ltd., Danville, IL.

    Returning Grand Champion

    Keith Baker, Town and Country, MO. North American T-28C “Trojan” (N28UH)

    Returning Best of Class

    Kurt and Sandy Muhle, Columbus, NE, Vultee BT-13A, (N62700)

    Phoenix Award

    Ron Fagen, Granite Falls, MN. Curtiss P-40K (N401WH)

    Dirty Bird

    Dennis Bohn, Grand Forks, ND. North American T-28B “Trojan” (N285DB)

    Best T-34

    Tom Soodsma, Vero Beach, FL. Beechcraft T-34A “Mentor” (N55192)
    Silver Wrench Award: Nogle & Black, Tuscola, IL.

    Best L-19/ O-1

    Breece Nesbitt, Mooresville, NC. Cessna L-19 “Birddog” (N972A)
    Silver Wrench Award: Dennis Hallman, Mooresville, NC.

    Best Jet

    Roy Halladay, Broomfield, CO. Lockheed T-33A, (N514RH) Silver Wrench Award: Roy Halladay and Friends, Broomfield, CO.

    Best L-4

    Jenner Knight, San Diego, CA. Piper L-4J “Grasshopper”, (N129JK)
    Silver Wrench Award: Dennis Hallman, Mooresville, NC.

    Best T-28

    T-28 TW, LLC (Jason Somes), Camarillo, CA. North American T-28B “Trojan”, (N313WB)

    Silver Wrench Award: Great American Aircraft, Torrance, CA.

    Best T-6/Harvard/SNJ

    Hannu T. Halminen, Orono, Ontario, Canada,

    Canadian Car & Foundry Harvard Mk.IV, (CF-VFG)
    Silver Wrench Award: Corporate Aircraft, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

    Best L-Bird

    William David Jester, Pensacola, FL. Cessna O-1E “Birddog” (N60591)
    Silver Wrench Award: Air Repair, Inc., Cleveland, MS.

    Best Fighter

    Provenance Fighter Sales, Murrieta, CA. Goodyear FG-1D “Corsair” (N29VF)

    Silver Wrench Award: Vintage Fighters, Sellersberg, IN.

    Judges’ Choice: T-34

    Dave Holt, Port Townsend, WA. Beechcraft T-34 “Mentor” (N245Z)

    Judges’ Choice: L-39

    Richard Bacon. Golden, CO. Aero Vodochody L-39C “Albatross” (N57XJ)

    Judges’ Choice: Flying Gatlin Gun

    Capt. James D. Hunt, 104th Fighter Wing MA-ANG, Westfield, MA. Republic A-10A “Thunderbolt II”, (N78-649)

    Judges’ Choice: L-Bird

    Chad Parrott, Paris, TX, Cessna L-19 “Birddog”, (N1100T)

    Judges’ Choice: Fighter

    Chuck Greenhill, Kenosha, WI, Hawker Sea Fury, (NX20MD)

    Preservation Award

    William L. Greene, Groveland, IL. North American T-6G “Texan”, (N3172G)

    Preservation Award

    Raybourne Thompson, Houston, TX. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX (N959RT)

    Preservation Award

    Craig Ekberg, Rolling Hills, CA. Nanchang CJ6A (N556TR)

    Preservation Award

    Pat Devine, Jim Johnson, Bob Vasquez, Charles Grott, St. Charles, MO. Aeronca L-16A (N1143V)

    Preservation Award

    Sarah and James Maloney, Prior Lake, MN. Piper L-4J “Grasshopper” (N3989B)

    Preservation Award

    Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, Farmingdale, NJ. Douglas C-54 “Skymaster” (N500EJ)



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