2005 AirVenture Award Winners

    Grand Champion Post WWII

    Keith Baker, St. Louis, MO. North American T-28C “Trojan” (N28UH)
    Gold Wrench Award: Pride Aircraft, Rockford, IL.
    Gold Wrench: Keith Baker, St. Louis, MO.

    Grand Champion WWII

    J. Roy Shoffner, Middlesboro, KY. Lockheed P-38 “Lightning” (N17630)
    Gold Wrench: “The Lost Squadron”, Middlesboro, KY.

    Reserve Grand Champion – Post World War II

    Wyatt Fuller, Hickory, NC. North American F-86 “Sabre”, (N86FS)
    Gold Wrench Award: Flying Fossils, LLC, Hickory, NC & Mojave, CA.

    Reserve Grand Champion WWII

    Charles Greenhill, Mettawa, IL. Grumman J2F-4 “Duck”, (NL63850)
    Gold Wrench Award: Wichita Air Services, Newton, KS.

    Returning Grand Champion

    Bob Baker, Alva, OK. North American P-51D “Mustang” (NL451D)
    Gold Wrench: Bob Baker, Alva, OK.

    Phoenix Award

    J. Roy Shoffner, Middlesboro, KY. Lockheed P-38 “Lightning” (N17630)

    Phoenix Award

    Charles Greenhill, Mettawa, IL. Grumman J2F-4 “Duck” (NL63850)

    Best L-39

    Harold Cannon, Owensboro, KY. Aero Vodochody L-39ZA “Albatross” (N390HC)
    Silver Wrench Award: International Jets, Gadsden, AL.

    Best CJ6/Yak 52

    Craig Ekberg, Rolling Hills, CA. Nanchang CJ6A (N556TR)
    Silver Wrench Award: Craig Ekberg, Rolling Hills, CA.

    Best P-51

    Paul Ehlen, Minneapolis, MN. North American P-51D “Mustang”, (N51PE)
    Silver Wrench Award: Tri-State Aviation, Wahpeton, ND.

    Best Fighter

    Raybourne Thompson, Houston, TX. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX C, (NX959RT)
    Silver Wrench: Raybourne Thompson & Robert Guttman, Houston, TX.

    Best L-19

    Billy & Jana Copeland, Arthur City, TX. Cessna L-19 “Birddog” (N9019V)
    Silver Wrench Award: Billy & Jana Copeland, Arthur City, TX.

    Best T-34

    Joseph Pardi, Willow Run, MI. Beech T-34B “Mentor” (N4213Z)
    Silver Wrench Award: Joseph Pardi, Willow Run, MI.

    Best L-Bird

    Colin & June Powers, Monmouth, OR. Piper L-4H “Grasshopper” (N61827)
    Silver Wrench Award: Colin Powers, Monmouth, OR.

    Judges’ Choice: L-19

    E.M.”Rob” Robinson, Hendersonville, NC. Cessna L-19 “Birddog” (N305BD)

    Judges’ Choice: Primary Trainer

    Bernd “Bud” Krebs, Wood Dale, IL. Ryan PT-22 (N48608)

    Judges’ Choice: L-16

    Richard P. Wallin, Lancaster, PA. Aeronca L-16A (N9325H)

    Judges’ Choice: P-51

    David O’Maley, Cincinnati, OH. North American P-51D “Mustang” (N83KD)

    Judges’ Choice: Fighter

    Ray Dieckman, Corona Del Mar, CA. Grumman F8F “Bearcat” (NX224RD)

    Judges’ Choice: L-4

    Sarah & James Maloney, Prior Lake, MN. Piper L-4J “Grasshopper” (N3989B)

    Judges’ Choice: Perseverance

    Lex Cralley, Princeton, MN. Brewster F3A-1 (N4634)

    Judges’ Choice: Workmanship

    Harold Cannon, Owensboro, KY. Beech T-34 “Mentor” (N134HC)

    Judges’ Choice: Transport

    Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, Farmingdale, NJ. Douglas C-54 “Skymaster” (N500EJ)

    Preservation Award

    Bill Beitler, Washington, PA. Beech T-34 “Mentor” (N5172)

    Preservation Award

    Robert Miller, Gilbert, AZ. Cessna O-2 (N48233)

    Preservation Award

    Terry Adams, Boerne, TX, North American SNJ-6 (N3238G)

    Preservation Award

    The Fighter Factory, Suffolk, VA, Curtis P-40E “Kittyhawk” (N1941P)

    Preservation Award

    Jimmy L. Johnson, Pat Devine, Bob Vasquez, Charles Grott, St. Charles, MO. Aeronca L-16A (N1143V)

    Preservation Award

    Max Chapman, Jackson, WY. North American TP-51C “Mustang (NL241MX)

    Preservation Award

    Rich Sugden, Jackson, WY. North American FJ-4 “Fury” (N400FS)



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